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       By listening to our customers in 2020, we learned what they feel the advantages are in buying from Brothers.  Among the most cited reasons were ease of purchasing, quality, trust, and the guaranty that what you buy online will be the same thing to arrive at your business.

          When you see a bundle on the website, you are looking at the main slab that follows the pattern of all the slabs in that group handpicked by us. Please pay close attention to the section, “descriptions", found inside each bundle's details. All the imperfections (if any) of the slabs are detailed there and explicit in the videos and photos, so you get to see everything up close. Although imperfections - such as infiltrations, filled fissures or fills, are normal in this type of material we do our best to minimize and fix them. Depending on how severe the imperfection is, it is usually discounted from the total size measured or even on the price of the entire bundle.
        We want you to have a buying experience as if you were in person here in our factory in Brazil, choosing your own materials. Therefore, we also do some videos in order to show you as much detail of the material as possible. See an example below of a video produced by Fernando, one of Brothers' owner.

           After you submit the order, our sales representative will send you the Pro Forma, Packing List and actual shipping quote along with an inspection report by e-mail. In this inspection report it will be described any comments we might have about the materials selected, for the case you missed the “descriptions" section inside each bundle detail.

  Only after your final approval by e-mail on the Inspection Report your container will be shipped. In case you still find any problems on the materials after their arrival, which were not described at “descriptions" or in the inspection report, we take full responsibility by giving discounts on the same or on a next order, or even refund you back entirely. 

        Let’s hear it from the sources that currently do business with Brothers In Granite. Trust in those who already buy from us. Click here to check what our customers say.

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