• How many slabs fit inside a container?

    If you get 3cm materials on your container, then it's possible to fit around 44 slabs! If 2cm then 63 slabs! You can read more here https://brothersingranite.hmg.uol1.aldabra.net.br/blog/post/how-many-slabs-fit-in-a-container
  • How many slabs in a Bundle?

    For 3cm materials the bundle is usually with 6/7 slabs and for 2cm materials it's around 8/9 slabs. 
  • Is it possible to change the finish of the material?

    Yes, we are able to change the finish of the material if you want, but we need to confirm this with our production manager since some materials will not handle this process properly.
  • How long does it take for my container to arrive?

    It usually takes 45 to 50 days for containers to arrive but since we're going through a crisis in the logistics worldwide + congestion at ports due to the high traffic, some places (west and east coast) are taking up to 75/80 days to arrive.
  • Which methods of delivery do Brothers in Granite disposes of?

    Since 2019 we were able to now deliver the materials in both ways: inside a container (open top and Closed top) and onto a flatbed truck all over the US. 
  • How much does freight cost is?

    This is a very common question, as freight charges are always changing we need to evaluate that with our shipping company, but it's pretty simples to figure it out. Just simply select 7 bundles on the website and press the submit button, after that we'll get back to you through email with the final numbers + delivery!
  • Where are you guys based? Is it Brazil or in the US?

    Our factory is based here in Brazil where we are able to buy, cut, and give the final finish to the materials. But, we recently opened a warehouse in Houston Texas to attend and fast supply our customers and start improving on our logistics.
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