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At Brothers in Granite we’re always focused on our goal of helping you choose the perfect material for your client’s kitchens. As darker colors begin trending again we’ve seen increasing interest in some of our black offerings, particularly Black Mist granite and Soapstone Black. These materials appear similar but have very different characteristics and it’s important to know how each will perform so you can make the best decision on which to use.

Black Mist is also commonly known as Negresco or Nero Mist and is a traditional black granite with understated white veins. This material can take a polish but is more commonly honed or leathered. Other popular colors from this family include Virginia Mist, Via Lactea, and Jet Mist.

Our Soapstone Black, on the other hand, is the darkest version of a completely different type of mineral. Soapstone is not a granite but a metamorphic rock, formed deep inside the earth by heat and pressure. Soapstone has been used by humans for tens of thousands of years and is one of the classic building materials of antiquity.

Here are some of the other ways in which these materials differ:

Porosity and Liquid Absorption

Black Mist is a granite and must be treated after fabrication with a sealer. Once sealed, this material will resist staining from most materials. We consider Black Mist to be a low-maintenance stone.

Soapstone, on the other hand, does not require sealing. Soapstone is naturally non-porous and any sealer used would just dry on the surface. Alternatively, many people use mineral oil or wax to enhance and protect their soapstone. In this process, oil is applied at regular intervals and a chemical reaction takes place leaving with a permanently darkened look and a smoother feel. This step is entirely optional and many people use soapstone without treatment with oil or wax.


Black Mist is a tough and durable granite that can be used in any application without worry. Compared to other granites Black Mist does contain more of a very soft mineral called mica that can scratch or chip but this is rare and can be easily fixed if it does occur.

Soapstone, conversely, is a very soft material. It should be expected that soapstone surfaces will change over time and develop a used or weathered patina. Because it’s so soft it can easily be repaired or restored to its original appearance but most report loving the “well worn” look of this material and leaving it as is without restoration.


Black Mist is one of the most affordable granites we stock at Brothers in Granite, making it an economical and practical option. It’s even cheaper than it’s American counterparts Virginia Mist & Jet Mist. Soapstone is more expensive but still cheaper than many exotic options.

Style & Preference

Black Mist is a popular choice among those looking for a sleek contemporary look. With it’s simple coloration and low-maintenance profile it’s perfect for modern designs and lifestyles. Soapstone, by contrast, is a very traditional material. Brothers often sells this material to clients searching for a vintage or historical feel and to those that appreciate the uniqueness and intrinsic beauty of natural stone.

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Ultimately, either of these materials would be a great choice and the final decision comes down to personal preference and your lifestyle. Each has advantages and drawbacks to consider, as with any design choice, but we’re confident that you’d be happy with either and we urge you to contact someone from Brothers if you have any questions or concerns!
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