Blog Brazilian Marbles- The future of natural stones

“Marbles from Brazil”, or maybe we should simply say “Dolomites from Brazil” (you will find out why after reading below) – a hot trend in the stone industry – are remarkable not only because of their astounding beauty but because of how tough and durable they are when installed. The unique geology of Brazil produces marbles rich in dolomite and calcite, minerals which allow these stones to perform much better than other marbles.

Brazilian dolomitic marbles are a match for and rival of high-end European marbles but actually beat these traditional suppliers in areas such as hardness and resistance to wear. Another area where Brazilian marbles compete strongly is still on prices. When we say the word “still” is because we believe the market has not yet realized how harder, more resistance and truly beautiful Brazilian dolomitic marbles really are. The cost on these dolomitic marbles in Brazil is still cheaper than its European rivals. However, as the market demands more and more of the Brazilian type, the prices usually tends to increase. So maybe it’s the right time to get such a superior product and still pay a very affordable price!

Brothers in Granite strongly believe and have invested heavily to prove that Brazilian marbles are the future of the natural stone industry.  With great pricing, durable and worry-free quality, light colors, and elegant patterns Brazilian marbles will not disappoint.

In addition to our stones, natural geological resistance Brothers in Granite will apply a sealer to all of our marbles at the factory to make them less porous.  This will allow you to avoid problems during fabrication and act as a further guarantee that they will have longevity in your chosen application

Now allow us to share a glimpse of our world – Brazilian natural stones; focused exclusively on gorgeous Brazilian marbles.  Let us inform you about the current trends and how you can find the ideal material for your clients.
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