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Proudly and consistently making history, our journey of excellence spans over an impressive 15 years and counting!

All of us at Brothers in Granite hope this past year has been a time of abundance and success for you and your business. As we wind down our own operations for the year we are so thankful to our customers for helping us grow and achieve our goals and we wanted to reflect upon all we’ve been working towards.

Our owners, Fernando and Daniel founded Brothers in Granite over 15 years ago with the dream of bringing the finest Brazilian natural stone at the best possible price direct to fabricators all over the United States. From humble beginnings the two Brothers invested tirelessly in technology and people. They created the Brothers in Granite website with live inventory and dynamic pricing which remains the best in the industry. They opened our original warehouse in Brazil for production and storage and we quickly grew to fill that space as well!

Finally, in recent years we’ve opened our USA branch in Houston, Texas which allows us to fulfill orders in 48 US states within 3-4 days at no extra cost to the consumer. We’ve opened a new block cutting facility in Brazil which allows us to produce even higher quality materials for our clients. Plans are even being laid for an east coast expansion in Florida - pay attention to this space in the coming months for exciting news!
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