Blog Brother's Production: Final Stage!

As we reach the end of our educational series about our slab production at Brothers in Granite we hope you’ve learned so much about how we bring this gorgeous Brazilian natural stone to you!   We’ve shown you all the ways that our factory works to create these works of art and the last step is all about how we get them to you - the most important part!

Once slabs have been produced, inspected, and photographed they’re placed “in stock”.  These slabs can be in several physical locations, either at our warehouse in Brazil or in Houston, Texas.  They may even be physically in transit by boat or what we call “on the water”.  The important thing to remember is that you can always find every slab we have in stock at our website,!

This industry-leading real-time inventory is the best place to view stock, place holds, and even track and pay for your orders.  We offer full-slab photos, detailed photos, inspection reports, sizes, and prices all in one place and at your convenience.  Simply contact your salesperson to receive a login and start shopping immediately.

Whether at the quarry or our factory or one of our warehouses, Brothers in Granite are always working to bring the absolute finest Brazilian natural stone to you.  It’s been a pleasure to show you the journey your stone makes and the steps we take to supply it to you.  We hope you’ve enjoyed the lessons and that you’ll think of Brothers for your next natural stone purchase.
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