Blog Completing the Journey Step 05: Final Inspection!

Completing the Journey: Natural Stone Production with Brothers - Step 5: Final Inspection!
Those of us at Brothers in Granite hope you’ve been enjoying following us through the production process for our beautiful natural stones.  You’ve learned how the best blocks are sourced, cut, and finished, all leading to the final inspection step where the slabs are readied for their journey to their final destination - you!

In this video you’ll learn how our workers physically hand-inspect every slab we produce, fixing small imperfections and ensuring that the slab is of the highest possible quality.  These slabs are checked for pinholes, color variations, and slab thickness in several locations.  Any issues are addressed and fixed now or noted for the end-user.  Many people never see our slabs in person before they arrive on an order and we want to make sure you have the most information possible to make your purchasing and design decisions.
After the slabs are deemed as close to perfect as possible our team takes multiple photographs of each bundle, producing full-slab, detailed, and backlit photos as well as close-ups of any interesting areas.  A short video description is usually included and available on our Youtube channel!  We always photograph the top slab of each bundle but for dramatic pattern or color variations we may take photos of each individual slab.  Of course, individual slab photos are always available on request.

After the slabs are checked and the photographs taken the only thing that needs to happen is for you to find the perfect slabs! We hope that knowing each step of the process makes your buying decision easier and we can’t wait to see the projects you complete with our slabs!
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