Blog Cristallo Elegance: Sophistication in translucent - Quartzite

At Brothers in Granite we’re always listening to the desires of our customers and one of the most repeated requests has been for more of everyone’s favorite translucent quartzite; Cristallo. With traditional sources at capacity we had to get creative and we located a newer quarry nearby where our Cristallo Magnificus is produced. The blocks from this new quarry were similar but with an even cleaner white background and some subtle marble-like veining - we call them Cristallo Elegance.
Like all Cristallo these slabs backlight beautifully and are full of internal veins and structures that you can only see in this application. If you’re looking for white Cristallo or even if you just want to generally bring the look of luxury and sophistication to your designs this new tough and durable Brazilian quartzite is for you.

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