Blog Cristallo Illuminatus, Our Whitest Cristallo - Now in 2cm!

The gorgeous Cristallo Illuminatus quartzite has been a top choice of our customers since its inception last year and we’re pleased to announce we’re now offering this hot material in 2cm slabs as well!

Only the cleanest, purest white blocks of Cristallo that come into our factory get the coveted Illuminatus designation and that means that absolutely every one of these slabs has to be seen to be believed.  This is a true Brazilian quartzite, durable and tough enough for any use and should not stain, etch, or scratch under normal use.  Our customers and clients use these slabs every day for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms.
Now, with the 2cm Cristallo Illuminatus slabs being offered here at Brothers in Granite, even more design possibilities are available.  Floors and walls can easily be covered in natural stone without the need for expensive anchors.  Edges can be mitered to give the appearance of much thicker slabs or even left thin for a super modern and clean look.  And of course, since it’s a true Cristallo it backlights beautifully for that extra bit of luxe.

Because they’re so rare, the number of slabs we have available is extremely limited and we urge you to view and reserve your bundles today!
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