Blog Cristallo Royalle - New Bundles!

Cristallo Royale, the newest member of one of our most popular natural stone lines! 

Like it’s famous namesake, these natural quartzite slabs exude a feeling of captivating luxury - you can’t mistake them for anything else and there are no substitutions!

Like all versions of Cristallo, our new Cristallo Royalle are monolithic blocks of the mineral quartz and as such have a remarkable degree of translucence that makes them the perfect candidate for backlighting. Backlighting these stones allows the internal structure of the material to show through, creating a breathtakingly unique glimpse into the rock.
While we stock many different varieties and colors of Cristallo, this Royalle variety is the quintessential look of this stone. Almost pure white with subtle grey and cream veining, these are the classic look that people associate with Cristallo and that your clients and designs are looking for.

Like any of the natural quartzites we sell at Brothers in Granite, Cristallo Royalle is hard, durable, and suitable for any use. Our clients love to use Cristallo in kitchen and bathroom counters, bar-tops, as wall-cladding, and even for floors! Indoors or outdoors, these slabs can be used with confidence anywhere in our design that you want to insert luxury and character.

Whether adorning a kitchen island or enhancing a bathroom vanity, Cristallo Royale is more than just a material – it's a statement of sophistication and enduring beauty that will leave a lasting impression on any space. Reserve your slabs today!
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