Blog Cristallo Splendor: A New Era of Affordable Elegance!

Our production team at Brothers in Granite are always looking for new ways to bring value to our customers and we think we’ve hit it big with our new addition: Cristallo Splendor. These slabs have the same features that you love about the rest of our popular Cristallo line but in a much more affordable package!
These new Cristallo Splendor slabs feature a creamy background reminiscent of Taj Mahal but with striking dark lines that are sure to enhance your designs.  Because these slabs have the same mineral composition as our standard Cristallo they’re incredibly durable and won’t scratch, chip, etch, or stain under normal use. You can use them with confidence in any room of the house or even for outside applications!

Brothers has a great relationship with this quarry and we anticipate a steady supply of this material flowing through our factory and into your slab yards and showrooms. Check current stock at and see just how affordable true luxury can be with the new Cristallo Splendor only from Brothers in Granite.
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