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Here at Brothers in Granite, we know the world of natural stone is in a constant state of change and evolution.
The last few decades have seen the growth in popularity of non-traditional types of stone such as quartzites and dolomites, advances in machinery that have led to new techniques and applications being possible, and designers using all of these tools to create exciting new ways to use natural stone in and around the home.
Our customers are always on the cutting edge of the industry, just like us, and so we’ve seen an explosion of interest in these non-traditional uses. One of the most popular areas that we answer questions about all the time are outdoor kitchens. Unlike some of the more popular engineered stone options, natural stone is the perfect choice to use outside. Everything will fade over time when exposed to weather or UV rays but natural stone will hold up much better than any other choice. From granites to quartzites and even dolomites, we have customers using our slabs to build amazing outdoor designs from coast to coast.
These revolutions in design haven’t stopped at the front door, either. Our clients have been loving the idea of using natural stone slabs - especially in thinner profiles - for wall, floor, and even ceiling cladding!
The ability to use the same stone throughout the project can create a super-clean look that still allows the stone to show forth. Backlit functional pieces are also popular, including this wine bar inspiration that we shared from our display at KBIS in Las Vegas.
We’re not fortune tellers and we can’t tell you what ideas or designs will be popular next year or after that but we’re sure that whatever is coming, Brothers in Granite will be here to help with your natural stone needs.
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