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A longtime friend of ours, Angie from The Stone Studio in Indiana, shares some of her extensive knowledge of soapstone. Learn more about the geology, physical characteristics, and unique properties of this classic stone!

Unlike some contemporary design choices, soapstone has been used for centuries in building and art by those who appreciate its unique properties and characteristics. Here are a few of our favorite facts:

Soapstone is formed through the metamorphism of magnesium-rich rocks like dolomite or serpentine. It is typically found in regions where such rocks have undergone high heat and pressure, leading to their transformation into soapstone.

Physical Properties:
1. Texture: Soapstone has a smooth and soapy feel, hence the name. This texture is due to the high talc content.

2. Color: Soapstone comes in various colors, ranging from light gray to green to black. The color variations are influenced by the presence of other minerals and impurities.

3. Hardness: While not as hard as granite or marble, soapstone is still relatively durable. Its hardness ranges between 1 and 5 on the Mohs scale, depending on its mineral composition.

4. Heat Resistance: Soapstone is known for its excellent heat retention and resistance. It can absorb heat slowly and release it over time, making it ideal for stoves, fireplaces, and countertops.

5. Chemical Resistance: Soapstone is resistant to acids and chemicals, which makes it a suitable material for laboratory countertops.

6. Sculptural Use: Historically, soapstone has been used for carving sculptures, ornaments, and other decorative objects due to its relatively soft nature that allows for detailed carving.

Special Note:
One unique feature of soapstone its ability to take in oils in order to darken over time. Because soapstone isn’t porous, traditional sealers can’t be used. Special soapstone waxes or oils can serve the purpose and add a natural patina that adds even more character to the appearance of this stone.

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