Blog Exciting News: Venatino Brown Dolomite

Venatino Brown Dolomite - New Block Unveiled!

We are delighted to share the exciting news of the arrival of a freshly produced block of Venatino Brown Dolomite!

As part of our renowned Venatino Line at Brothers In Granite, Venatino Brown stands out as the best seller, and upon glimpsing these new bundles, it's easy to understand why.

This block has been meticulously crafted with a glass-bright polished finish to accentuate its vibrant colors. While brown takes center stage against the white background, you'll also notice an array of other hues, including grey, yellow, black, green, and even subtle blueish tones.

Notably, this material is entirely translucent, revealing stunning and surprising gold colors when backlit.

What makes Venatino Brown truly remarkable, beyond its unique and dynamic appearance, is the exceptional durability of this dolomitic marble. The crystal minerals present in this material lend it a strength comparable to quartzite, rendering it highly resistant to scratches and stains.

Although a polished finish enhances its beauty, it's worth noting that exposure to strong acids may cause etching if not promptly cleaned. To safeguard against this, we recommend using a high-quality marble sealer, ensuring your beautiful Venatino Brown material remains pristine for years to come, whether used in a kitchen countertop or an outdoor space.

We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to reserve bundles of this extraordinary color before they are sold out!
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