Blog Explore our upcoming arrivals in Houston with just a click!

Did you know that you don’t have to wait for yout favorite bundle to arrive in Houston to select them?
Brothers in Granite real-time live inventory means that you can view bundles that are currently in transit to Houston, see your price, and reserve your favorites before they even arrive! 
Many of our customers love taking advantage of this ability to secure in demand stones like Taj Mahal, Cristallo, and Bianco Superiore and we want to offer the opportunity to you as well! There's absolutely zero risk to you as we don't require a deposit to pre-hold materials.
To start, simply visit us at and click "Stock USA" near the top. Then, click "Coming Soon' to view bundles in transit. It's that easy! You can treat those bundles just like our normal inventory; view photos, sizes, pricing, and reserve your favorites with just the click of a button. 
Get started now and be the first to see our new offerings on the way to you!
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