Blog Exploring Natural Stone Production with Brothers - Step 02: Cutting!

In our continuing effort to share the story of natural stone, we’re excited to share with you the next step
in our process - Cutting!

In our first video we showed you how we select our blocks from the finest quarries in Brazil and transport them to our factory where we turn them into the actual slabs that we deliver to our customers all over the world. Let us show you how!

The star of our show is our impressive multi-wire diamond-bladed saw. This hulking machine can cut an entire block in 2-or-3CM slabs in one session! The secret is the blades, which aren’t traditional spinning saw blades at all but instead of a series of constantly rotating wires impregnated with diamonds. These wires, combined with massive amounts of cooling and lubricating water, cut through the stone leaving individual slabs that can then be prepared to continue their journey to you.

Because quality is our top concern and we only want to send the best possible quality slabs to our customers we perform a series of inspections at this step as well. From gauging the slabs to ensure uniform thicknesses to making sure slabs are straight and level and even checking the initial finish, each slab undergoes an initial exam and only the best are moved onto polishing.

Brothers in Granite are proud of our block-cutting process and the team of trained stone artisans that work in this part of our industry. They’re focused on the same goal as the rest of our company - bringing the finest Brazilian natural stone to our customers around the globe and we hope you enjoyed learning more about them and the work they do. Stay tuned for continuing emails about our production process and learn more about the beautiful bundles on sale at!
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