Blog From Cost Savings to Creative Freedom: The Allure of 2CM Slabs!

From Cost Savings to Creative Freedom: The Allure of 2CM Slabs
Here at Brothers in Granite we know that not all design markets are the same.  What clients love in Florida might not be a hit in Montana and vice versa.  One of our most popular requests lately has been for increased production in the popular 2CM thickness and we’re listening!  We’ve expanded our offerings in this format already and have many more great choices coming for you this summer!
Why do people choose 2CM instead of the traditional 3CM edge thickness?  There are many reasons - cost being the most important factor for most people.  2CM slabs will always be cheaper than 3CM simply because we can cut more of the thinner slabs from the same block 
of stone.  In addition transport costs are lower and in most cases installation is easier, allowing you to get more bang for your buck.

These thinner format slabs also open up other design opportunities.  Floors and walls can easily be covered in natural stone without the need for expensive anchors.  Edges can be mitered to give the appearance of much thicker slabs or even left thin for a super modern and clean look.  The possibilities are endless!

Gorgeous 2CM slabs are in stock right now at both of our locations and we have more arriving every day.  Check out these skinny slabs now and reserve your favorites before they’re gone!
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