Blog From rough to refined: delving into stone polishing!

Our production team hopes you’re enjoying our continuing series exploring just how we finish the beautiful slabs you see on our website and in our warehouse stock.  In our last video we showed how the slabs are prepared for polishing with major fissures repaired and void spaces filled.  The next step takes us to the actual polishing machine for some initial steps.

It might surprise you that the first step in polishing a slab is actually to hone it!  The initial time the slab is passed through our polishing machine use the roughest abrasives we have to really smooth out the surface imperfections, grind down excess resin, and generally prepare the stone to receive a polish.  After this smooth honing step another layer of resin is applied to strengthen and protect the stone.
Now, time to dry and then onto the next step - finish polishing!
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