Blog Have you seen Patagonia from Brothers in Granite?

  Have you seen Patagonia from Brothers in Granite? While Patagonia is a popular variety of Brazilian granite this particular variation is exclusive to Brothers in Granite. You'll find many different varieties of this stone available, all formed of the same minerals and processes, but this new variety is from a recently opened quarry and was only launched last year!
The main difference, and the reason we love the blocks from this new quarry so much, are the brilliant white background.  Most Patagonia has a creamier base color but this new variety are rich in the mineral feldspar which gives a brighter appearance while still featuring the translucent quartz crystals and other colorful inclusions.

There are more varieties as well!  Block 10415, for instance, has a blueish background color.  Some of our customers have been referring to it as "Blue Patagonia!"  It's truly a unique stone!
A true work of art from Mother Nature, Patagonia granite is the ideal material to bring elegance, luxury, and unique design elements to the home.
This material is a true granite with other natural inclusions, making it tough and durable enough to use in any application.  As shown, it can be backlit to highlight the natural translucence of the larger crystals.
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