Blog Michelangelo Nuvolato - new 2cm & 3cm

It’s no secret that Italian marbles have been the pinnacle of natural stone design for thousands of years. From Roman times until today classic names like Carrara and Statuario have captivated the public with their beauty and elegance. Today, Brothers in Granite are pleased to introduce you to Michelangelo Nuvolato, a dolomite that we believe equals these old-world materials and in many cases is even better!
Michelangelo Nuvolato is a gorgeous white Brazilian dolomite with a brecciated or “broken” appearance - the result of metamorphism deep inside the Earth! The same process that created this unique look also made this dolomite much stronger than the traditional marble that it resembles. Brothers in Granite recommend this material with confidence for high-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and even floors and walls!

With several different lots available in different looks as well as in both 3-and-2CM thicknesses you’re sure to find the slabs that are perfect for your design! Reserve yours now and enjoy the timeless elegance of classic marble looks with the carefree durability of Brazilian dolomite with Michelangelo Nuvolato, in stock now at Brothers in Granite!
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