Blog Monaco Quartzite

Do you have clients looking for the whitest possible quartzites?

Have you tried other “White” or “Bianco” colors but found them to be more gray than white?

Brothers in Granite are proud to announce the newest addition to our quartzite line - Monaco! Monaco is one of the whitest quartzite colors we’ve ever produced and we’re positive it will be a great addition to your stone collection.

This durable Brazilian quartzite has a brilliant white background and a linear pattern of gold-brown veins that make the colors really “pop”. Because it’s a true quartzite you can use this material with confidence in kitchens, bathrooms, on floors, and in other high-traffic areas. It’s made to last!

Because this quartzite does have some porosity it’s important to use a quality sealer after cutting - talk to your Brothers representative for our recommendations on how to protect your slabs.

We've manufactured several blocks of this material and opted to provide each with distinct finishes—polished, honed, and leather. If you prefer a bright glossy finish, polished is the right choice. However, if you or your customers appreciate a more natural look, then honed or leather bundles are the ones to consider.
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