Blog New bundles of Cristallo Illumanitus quartzite - 03CM

Enlighten Your Designs with
Cristallo Illuminatus!

Brothers in Granite are pleased to announce the arrival of new bundles of the flagship to our popular Cristallo quartzite line, Cristallo Illumanitus! Only the most select blocks of this famous quartzite, chosen for their premium white background and minimal veining, get the Illuminatus name. These new bundles are sure to raise the bar for any design you can imagine.

Cristallo Illuminatus is a true Brazilian quartzite, durable enough to be used in any environment. This material won’t etch or stain under normal use, making it the perfect choice for bars, kitchen, or any other space you want to add a touch of luxurious elegance.
Are you enamored with backlighting? Cristallo Illuminatus are our most translucent material, with even the full 3CM thick slabs showing off their internal structure and giving your designs an ethereal glow.

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