Blog Nothing else looks like the new Blue Macaubas Quartzite!

Nothing else looks like Blue Macaubas and we’re pleased to offer these unique slabs to our clients!

At Brothers in Granite we get stone shipments with our standard colors all the time.Whites and grays are arriving every day along with creams and browns and lots of earth tones that are still popular. We love all of these but every once in a while we see something striking that stands out in a sea of similar looks and demands our notice: introducing Blue Macaubas quartzite, the latest of these unique varieties to arrive from our factory in Brazil!

These natural quartzite slabs feature a tranquil and calm background of grays, browns, and whites but the focal point are the veins! Naturally colored electric blue veins run the length of these slabs, giving the appearance of lightning moving across the surface.
Because these slabs are a durable Brazilian quartzite we’re confident they can be used in any application - from kitchens or bathrooms to outside cladding or floors these slabs will not etch, stain, or scratch under normal use.

We produced a limited number of these slabs and they’re sure to sell fast so we urge you to reserve your bundles today! Secure your Macaubus Blue slabs and start using the most colorful slabs of the year in your designs now!
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