Blog Nuvole Dolomite is Back: New Bundles Now Available!

Every so often at Brothers in Granite we introduce a new stone and the reception is so overwhelmingly positive that we know we have a hit on our hands. The latest material to receive so much attention is our stunning new Nuvole dolomite. Our first batch sold almost instantly but we’ve finally gotten more in stock and we’re so excited to share them with you.
These slabs feature an incredible contrast of the deepest blacks and sparkling whites in a flowing and shifting pattern that’s sure to enchant your customers. These Brazilian dolomite slabs are tough and durable enough to be used in any application including kitchens, bathrooms, and floors and walls so you can purchase with the confidence that your customers will love the look and stay happy long after the job is complete.

These new bundles are available now but are sure to go fast. Visit and reserve your slabs now!
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