Blog Our Best Seller – Supreme White Marble


Supreme White marble is by far Brother's best selling material of 2019.  We believe this is due to its clean white look (always in demand), its remarkable hardness, and its fair price.  Almost all the marble slabs that we sell are used for kitchen countertops and we haven't heard any complaints of scratching or etching.  

This isn't surprising -- Brazilian marbles are famed for their hardness and durability.  Many distributors sell these materials as a "hard marble" or "soft quartzite" but we prefer the proper name of dolomitic marble; the dolomite content is what makes them so tough.  While very resistant to physical damage all marbles can still etch if exposed to acid.  

For this reason here at Brothers we produce almost all of our Supreme White slabs with dual finish (polished on one side, honed on the other).  In addition to giving you more material to show you also have one side where etching or light scratching will be much harder for the customer to notice.
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