Blog Quick tour at Venatino Quarry with Brothers!

Join us for an exclusive Tour of the Venatino Quarry,
led by Fernando!

If you’ve been following our stone journey this year at Brothers in Granite you couldn’t miss one of our newest stars - our Venatino line. With a wide variety of colors and patterns these Brazilian dolomites have proven to be popular in all our markets. However, did you know that these aren’t just related by name but all come from the same small quarry in Brazil?
Fernando will explain how the dark black movement in our Venatino Extreme comes from one end of the quarry where a line of organic material became fossilized millions of years ago and was turned to stone. He’ll show you how this dark line disappears to reveal the amazing Venatino Blue, Venatino Brown, and Venatino White in the middle section. And you’ll see the dark fossilized line appear again at the opposite end of the quarry, producing our Venatino Botticeli.

We’re amazed at the variety present in this small quarry and with such limited production we’re proud to be one of the only companies offering these materials to the public. We think you’ll agree that these are a stunning example of beautiful Brazilian dolomitic marble and we hope you consider adding them to your stone collection in 2024!
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