Blog Schedule a visit of the Brothers at your company!

At Brothers in Granite we’re proud of our industry-leading approach to technology. From our dynamic “everything included” pricing to our real-time live inventory on our acclaimed website, we’re always looking for new ways to use tech to better serve our customers. 

That said, we never want to forget our roots and the importance of building personal relationships through face-to-face visits with our friends. That’s why we’re hitting the road in 2024!

The member of our sales team here that handles your geographic region will be in touch to schedule an in-person meeting at your shop so we can show you just how easy and convenient ordering with Brothers in Granite can be and how we can help you expand your natural stone inventory and get the best possible prices direct from the source.

In addition to great pricing we’ll be able to tell you how you can use the flexibility you get with Brothers in Granite to grow your business. From split-color bundles to bookmatched slabs to extended terms and cut-to-size we have a large selection of sales tools that you’re sure to find helpful.
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