Blog Sephora Quartzite: a timeless elegance

Sephora Quartzite: a timeless elegance!

There are words for “beauty” in every language and when our production team at Brothers in Granite saw the first slabs from our newest block of quartzite they knew just what to call it - Sephora!  From the calming color palette to the subdued and sweeping movement of veins and patterns everything about this stone speaks to the tranquility of beautiful things.
With a background of soft whites and grays these slabs also feature a diffuse blue pattern and a mosaic of fine veins.  This multitude of colors gives Sephora the ability to fit into almost any design!  Because this is a true Brazilian quartzite its exceptionally durable and shouldn’t etch, stain, or scratch under normal use.  We specify this material for kitchens, walls, floors, and other high-traffic areas.

Production of this new color is limited and we urge you to reserve your gorgeous bundles today!
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