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Embrace Uniqueness with new Soap Stone Black bundles! 
Brothers in Granite want to expand the horizons of what you consider when you think “natural stone” and we’re starting with one of our favorite non-traditional materials; Soapstone Black! 

One of the earliest materials worked by man, soapstone has been used in design and construction for tens of thousands of years and continues to be a popular choice with our customers looking for something a bit different.

Why do people love this material so much? In short, there’s nothing else like it. Always finished by Brothers in Granite with a soft honed finish, soapstone looks similar to a luxurious (and expensive!) black marble but because it’s completely non-porous and non-reactive it will never etch or stain. 
While traditional sealers can’t be used on this material due to its non-porous nature, our customers that love soapstone will often recommend applying a soapstone wax or mineral oil to give a glossy look that also protects from minor scuffs and scratches.

Our Black Soapstone is our most popular variety of this history-rich material and it’s easy to see why. When wax or oil is applied, they feature some of the deepest blacks in our collection along with the classic white veins that bring so much elegance to these premium slabs.

These are sure to sell fast and we urge you to reserve your bundles today!
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