Blog Soap Stone: Everything You Need to Know About

Even though we’re called Brothers in Granite our customers have always loved that we carry a full line of other materials as well and today we wanted to talk about one of our personal favorites - soapstone!

Soapstone has been used artistically for millions of years and is historic material in the US.  You’ll see soapstone installed in many old governmental buildings, universities, and train stations because it was abundant in the countryside and relatively easy to work and produce.  Using soapstone in your designs is a great way to add a touch of classic luxury without breaking the bank!

Besides its beauty, soapstone has some interesting properties.  It was a favorite material for hospitals and chemistry departments because it’s completely non-reactive.  It won’t stain or etch under normal use.  It’s also non-porous which makes it easy to maintain for you but means that traditional stone sealers won’t work - they just dry to a film on the surface.

Instead, use a wax or oil sealant made especially for soapstone and appreciate the natural beauty of your stone.
Soapstone is a softer mineral and it should be expected to develop a patina over time.  We always tell our clients that there are plenty of soapstone installations in this country that are hundreds of years old and I’m sure they look different than the day they were installed but it’s a timeless and classic look that definitely appreciates over time.

We love soapstone here and we encourage you to check out some of the many varieties we have in stock.  In particular the vibrant colors of our Black Soapstone is a favorite of our customers and is sure to be a great addition to your slab yards or home projects!
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