Blog Step 04 Continues: Delving Deeper into Polishing Techniques!

Step 04 Continues: Delving Deeper into
Polishing Techniques!

Our production team at Brothers in Granite’s factory in Brazil hope that you’ve been loving the sneak peek into our production process and are excited to tell you about the next step - the actual polishing itself. In our last video we showed how slabs are prepared for polishing, with mesh and resin being applied to enhance and protect the stone.

This readies them for what’s described in this video where the slabs move through the inside of the polishing line while the different heads of the machine work the stone to a variety of finishes. One slab can require multiple passes through this machine depending on factors such as the hardness of the material and the desired finish. Inside the machine different heads are used for different finishes, including very smooth heads for a polished finish and rough-bristled brushes for finishes such as leathered or antiqued.

Join us next time as we show you how we finish this process and ready the slabs for their final home!
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