Blog Supreme White Dolomitic Marble - Strong Enough for All Your Needs

Supreme White offers the classic marble look of an elegant white background with distinctive grey veining throughout the slab. Movement and color can vary greatly from block-to-block, with some being predominantly white and others more grey and heavily veined. This stone has a very fine-grained crystalline structure and is uniform - you won’t see the large crystals found in other dolomites. It can also be backlit for an even more unique look.
This material is a dolomitic marble. Composed mainly of the mineral dolomite, these materials are stronger and more resistant to wear than traditional Italian or Asian marbles and are durable enough for kitchens and other high-use areas. Brothers is proud to offer dolomitic marbles in alternative finishes such as honed or leathered that will protect the stone from and mitigate the effects of etching, scratching, and other wear-and-tear.
What was already good just got better!  Already a highly durable dolomite-rich marble, Supreme White from Brothers in Granite can be backlit to show off it's natural translucence.
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