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How much do you know about how your stone is produced?

Do you know the different steps involved or what products are used? We understand that sometimes your clients have questions or concerns about their project and you want to be able to give them the best possible information. 

That’s why we’re also 100% upfront about the products we use, why we use them, and what that means for you and your customer.
In this example video below you’ll see our production team adding a color enhancer to a new slab of Titanium granite. While this product comes out of the ground with a fantastic look we’ve found that by adding a small amount of a premium color enhancer (Tenax Easy Wet) we’re able to easily make the blacks much deeper and the colors more vibrant. So many of our customers prefer this look that it has become the standard way we present and sell this color.

At Brothers in Granite we take pride in bringing you the best possible natural stone products and transparency is a huge part of that. Along with our color enhancer, we’ll always list the exact products we use in every slab we produce. 

From resins and color enhancers to anti-rust or oxidation steps, we make sure you know exactly what’s in your slab so you can make an informed decision about your projects.
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