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Fusion Crystal - Fusion Redefined!

A funny thing happened as they cut deeper into the rock walls at the quarry that produces our Fusion quartzite. While the stone continued to have its vibrant browns and tans there began to be found streaks of white quartz. These continued to appear in many new blocks and a new variety was born - Fusion Crystal!

Many people compare the beauty of Fusion to that of a piece of abstract or modern art and others to an oil painting and Fusion Crystal is no different. Now, however, in addition to the sweeping almost 3D movement you also get large dramatic crystals of white quartz. Each of these crystals is translucent and can be used to create one-of-a-kind designs!
Brothers in Granite have an extensive line of quartzites and like all of them, Fusion Crystal slabs are dense and strong enough to use in any application from bathrooms or floors to kitchen countertops and exterior applications.

Many different bundles and blocks of this material are available now and we urge you to check out what’s sure to be a favorite of your clients in 2024, Fusion Crystal!
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