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          Brazilian marbles have surpassed all expectations with their exceptional durability and their tough composition.  Because of the abundant presence of the mineral dolomite, Brazilian marbles are much more resistant and less porous than traditional marbles allowing for their use in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms.  Also, due to their mineral composition,there is much less chance of oxidation stains appearing over time.  With their very beautiful patterns and high quality, meet the Brazilian marbles that will become trends in 2021.

         The hardest of the natural materials available are the quartzites.  These stones are very similar to marble in color and pattern but are much more durable.  These materials have no natural pores and can be used in any environment with no worries.  Historically the price for quartzite has been higher than granite and marble because of its uniqueness and higher costs of production, but due to the increasing production by Brazilian companies of this material prices should start to become more accessible in 2021.  With their beauty, strength, and durability the quality of quartzites are really impressive - they’re an exquisite addition to your design.  Check out the most desired quartzites for the coming year.

        Granites should keep their prices stable as demand levels off.  Although usually seen as a basic material it’s sometimes still possible to find high quality variations and patterns that make this material different.  See the varied options that will be trending in 2021 - and that Brothers will make it incredibly easy to buy.

Aspen White

Type: Marble (translucent)
Quarry: Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, ES
Characteristics: White and grey colors, this stone is ideal for all applications. It’s composed of the mineral dolomite, which makes it resistant, and it has translucent crystals, making this material incredibly stunning. 
Brother´s Tip: Try the polished finish and try working with the translucent properties!

Aurelius White

Type: Marble (Dolomitic Marble)
Quarry: Cachoeiro – ES
Characteristics: Very hard Brazilian marble. Low porosity and high density make it suitable for heavy-use applications such as kitchens. Light base colors with bold, dark accents make it a perfect fit for any design.
Brother´s Tip: Dual Finish brings flexibility to your stock. Translucent - see how it looks backlit!

Fantastic Brown

Type: Marble / EXOTIC
Quarry: Cachoeiro de Itapemirim- ES
Characteristics: A very hard Brazilian marble composed of the mineral dolomite.  The color palette is always in demand - whites, grays, and brown.  Although it has an uncanny resemblance to the Indian marble Fantasy Brown, this material is even more tough and resistant.

Supreme White

Type: Marble (Dolomitic Marble)
Quarry: Cachoeiro – ES
Characteristics: Low porosity and exceptional hardness. The dolomite content of this stone is what makes it so tough. Safely recommended for high-use areas such as kitchens.
Brother´s Tip: One of our best sellers. Try it in dual-finish!

White Cloud

Type: Marble (translucent)
Quarry: Cachoeiro de Itapemirim- ES
Characteristics:  White and grey colors; this material is impressively delicate but very resistant. This marble is composed of translucent calcite crystals.
Brother´s Tip: Be careful when fabricating edges. Some crystals are tougher than others and ideal cutting speeds can vary.

Check out this marble up close!

London Fog

Type: Marble (Dolomitic Marble)
Quarry: Santa Maria Eterna, BA
Characteristics: Composed mostly of the mineral dolomite, this gorgeous material is more durable than most common marbles. One of the cleanest and most consistent stones on the market.
Brother´s Tip: Great for kitchens due to its dolomite content. Try dual-finished as leathered/honed! Check out this material up close!

Check out this material up close!

Taj Mahal

Type: Quartzite
Quarry: Uruoca, CE
Characteristics: Classic cream and white colors with brown accents. Soft and extremely elegant. The most popular quartzite in the country.
Brother´s Tip: Polished Taj Mahal is great for the luxurious look. Try it leathered or honed to cut down on the glossiness and give a rustic appearance.

Mustang White

Type: Quartzite
Quarry:  Morro do Chapéu, BA
Characteristics: Very sophisticated color, predominantly white with grey, black, and brown lines. Elegant and extremely resistant. Very hard and dense quartzite.
Brother´s Tip: So durable - Will last forever as a kitchen countertop!

Bianco Superiore

Type: Quartzite
Quarry: Santa Maria Eterna - Bahia
Characteristics: Exceptionally hard. Very white - maybe the purest white color Brothers offers. Will not etch, stain, or scratch under normal use.
Brother´s Tip: Ideal for customers worried about durability. A great choice for people that prefer the color palette of engineered stone but want to stick with a natural material.


Type: Quartzite
Quarry: Jacobina- BA
Characteristics: Very hard and dense material.  Full of dark colors - grey and black.  These slabs may have mineral inclusions which form darker bands or lines.  These are natural and not a worry - they hold a polish the same as the rest of the stone.
Brother´s Tip: Try this material with a polished finish, it’s luminous look really makes a lasting impression.

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White Paradise

Type: Granite
Quarry: Ladainha- MG
Characteristics: White Paradise has soothing colors, mostly white and grey with small black specks.

Valle Nevado

Type: Granite
Quarry: Itueta - Minas Gerais
Characteristics: Classic white/silver/black pattern. Very consistent. Very affordable. Great for commercial and high-volume jobs.
Brother's Tip: Brothers has a great relationship with this quarry that allows us to offer the lowest prices of any of our materials.
Valle Nevado Quarry

Mountain Mist

Type: Granite
Quarry: Passa Tempo- MG
Characteristics: An exotic granite within the colors that the market looks for - white and grey with some cream, black, and green makes for a unique color. The diagonal movement makes layouts easy!

Black Mist

Type: Granite
Quarry: Venda Nova do Imigrante - Espírito Santo
Characteristics: Finely grained black material with subtle gray-white veins. Very hard. Patterns vary from barely visible to sweeping across the surface.       
Brother´s Tip: Brother’s often sells this to customers as a soapstone replacement. The look is very similar to an oiled or waxed soapstone with much greater durability.

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