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Here at Brothers in Granite we’ve noticed a distinct rise in requests from our customers for alternative finishes on our natural stone slabs. Historically, a traditional glossy polished finish has been the norm but with more exotic materials being produced and technology changing to meet these new challenges different finishes have been developed. With some of these materials becoming quite popular we thought it would be helpful to share some of our knowledge.

Brothers produces materials in all three of the most popular finishes today: Polished, Leathered, and Honed. In all our finishes we use a high-quality Italian transparent resin to fill any small fissures or pinholes that are common in natural stone. Some specific varieties of stone call for other products as well and our website will tell you which products or processes were used on each slab.

We’ll explain the differences between these finishes here and tell you some of the more popular stones in each look.

QUARTZITE: Quartzites, due to their extreme hardness, have traditionally only been available in a polished finish. Recently, our marketing team have noticed an increasing demand for textured finish in these stones. One example of this is our popular Cristallo quartzite. Our customers previously only requested this material polished from us but they’ve been asking for it to be honed lately and the finished product in that finish is quite beautiful. Our Cristallo line's newest member, Cristallo Splendor, will also spot this honed texture.

Bianco Superiore is another popular candidate for alternative finishes. We’ve been producing this material in a leather look and the response from our customers has been great!

DOLOMITE: Dolomites have been following the same general trend as quartzites with more textured finishes being requested but there are some important differences. While in quartzite the choice of finish is primarily aesthetic there are real reasons to choose a honed or leathered dolomite. Because of the chemical characteristics of these materials they can etch or stain over time but a textured finish combined with a quality sealer can minimize this damage and keep the slabs looking better for a longer period of time.

GRANITE: While polished still remains the most popular finish for granites we do see an increase in leather finishes being ordered. Dark textured granites have been one of the best sellers for Brothers in Granite in 2023 with our Black Mist and Titanium colors being particularly well liked.

Brothers in Granite are proud to maintain a large stock of materials in each of the finishes mentioned but our customers are free to request any material in any finish - or even dual finished - that they would like. Even if the material is already finished our in-house production team is happy to meet your request for a small additional cost.

Explore the slabs linked above or follow the link below to our full site and see the beauty of these unique finishes for yourself!
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