Materials Dolomite

Dolomite is a specific type of stone, formed by high temperatures and pressures deep inside the earth that turns calcium-rich limestone into magnesium- rich dolomite. This leads to stones that are so tough and durable that many people don’t even call them marbles but commonly confuse them with quartzites! Some other people like to say harder marble or softer quartzite. We make our honed finishing in a way which has almost no bright to it. All our slabs are resined, but with our honed finishing we are able to reduce almost to zero the brightness of the resin, which makes it very easy for our customers to match its surfaces if needs to be fixed.

The unique geology of Brazil produces marbles rich in dolomite and calcite, minerals which allow these stones to perform much better than other marbles. Brazilian dolomitic marbles are a match for and rival of high-end European marbles but actually beat these traditional suppliers in areas such as hardness and resistance to wear. Brazilian marbles are much more resistant and less porous than traditional marbles allowing for their use in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms.  
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